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  1. Jul 09,  · Acute pain starts over a few hours or days and may come with other symptoms. Chronic pain lasts longer -- from weeks to months or more -- and may come and go. Progressive pain .
  2. Sep 06,  · Abdominal pain is pain or discomfort that a person feels anywhere between the lower chest to the distal groin. Some health care professionals include the diaphragm, pelvis (and genitals) and the retroperitoneal space. Chest and abdominal pain are the two top reasons why people go to emergency rooms, according to the CDC.
  3. Feb 03,  · Tell him or her if you have constant pain or if it comes and goes. You may also need any of the following to check how much pain you have or to find its cause: A pain diary may help to find the cause of your pain. The diary can help you track pain cycles. Include when the pain started, how long it lasted, and how strong it was.
  4. Nov 28,  · Pain under the left armpit can be concerning, and many people associate any pain on the left side of their body with a heart attack. However, most of the time, pain under the left armpit has a.
  5. Mar 26,  · Kidney pain is discomfort that comes from the area where your kidneys are. It’s often described as a dull ache, you feel in your sides, back, or belly. But pain in these areas isn’t always a Author: Susan Bernstein.
  6. Mar 07,  · In many cases, it takes some time to heal the issue causing the bone pain, whether the pain comes from chemotherapy or a fracture. During recovery, avoid aggravating or .
  7. While it seems like the pain is coming from your tooth, it actually may not be. Pain in the ear, sinuses, or your jaw can sometimes feel it’s coming from your teeth. And, the opposite is also true. If there are times that you can’t even pinpoint whether the pain is from your upper or lower teeth, then do not fret for that’s normal, too.
  8. Depending on the underlying cause, groin pain can be mild or severe, come on gradually or suddenly, and vary in quality (dull, sharp, throbbing, or even burning). To determine the cause of your groin pain, your doctor will perform a comprehensive physical examination and, .
  9. Radiating pain can range from dull to sharp or electric shock-like, and it may come and go or be continuous. It is usually only felt on one side of the body, such as going into the chest on one side. Tingling, numbness, or weakness.

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